Dazzle Guests with Star Invitations

Star Lite InvitationA star theme party can either be an elegant affair or a low-key get-together and works well for any season, so you can customize your star party pretty much anyway you want.

The first step for hosting your star theme party is setting a budget and a guest list. Be sure to send out your invitations at least four weeks before the party and count on around a quarter coming back regrets. Plan for a few more guests than you’re expecting because people could change their minds or bring unexpected friends.

We have tons of personalized invitations custom printed with your party details. You won’t have to spend all that time filling out each invitation by hand. Personalized star invitations feature several vibrant options to fit your event, whether you choose a formal affair or a causal party.

Try Star Lite Invitations for a subtle starry glow or a Starburst Personalized Invitation for a fun, casual look. There are also invitations covered in glitter for a dazzling look.

To create your own invitations, use Die Cut Foil Stars and curling ribbon. Design the layout of your invitation and then write out your party details. Decorate the die-cut star with the writing, curling ribbon and maybe even some confetti. These invitations can be hand delivered or send through the mail in extra-large envelopes.


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