Celestial Snacks for a Star Themed Party

Colorful 3D Star CenterpieceFor finger food create star-shaped sandwiches and other snacks with a star shaped cookie cutter. First, cut bread with the cookie cutter, and then add the toppings such as cucumber and brie sandwiches (or another combination).

As a fun side dish, try chicken and stars soup, dressed up with fancy garnishes.

For an elegant and tart desert try star-shaped cakes, cookies, or serve halved star fruits topped off with cool whip.

If your star themed party is more on the casual side, try Mars Bars, Milky Ways, or other candies named after outer space objects.


If you plan on setting up a basic bar, plan to have the following on hand for every 10 adult guests:

• 1 case of beer
• 2 liters of seltzer
• 3 liters of soft drinks (diet and regular)
• 2 quarts of fruit juice
• Plenty of chilled bottled mineral water (sparkling and flat)
• 2 bottles of wine – one red, one white
• Hard liquor – a fifth makes approx. 14 drinks
• Lemon and lime wedges and twists, olives and other garnishes
• Lots of ice – plan on 1 lb. per adult guest for the evening.

The sky’s the limit for star themed food! If you have any ideas, please let us know!

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