Transform Your Party into a Parisian Escape

Pictures-From-Paris-TowerWhen planning your decorations for a Paris theme, envision a beautiful outdoor café surrounded by fresh flowers and charming tables or a romantic garden overlooking the Eiffel Tower. Keep this setting in mind as you coordinate all of your details, and your atmosphere will develop into just the perfect place for a relaxing afternoon or evening!

Indoor Decorations:

There are a number of complete decorating kits that have a Parisian theme. Choose the entire kit, or select components from it to create your own unique Paris look.

Besides these kits, we also offer a number of large decorations that will add a touch of Paris to your event. Check out a lighted Paris city screen, our 12′ Eiffel Tower, and Parisian fir trees.

Accent your decorations with an Eiffel Tower border, French cut-outs and an Eiffel Tower curtain. You can even have a personalized mural printed as a backdrop for your event.

You will want to focus on red, white, and blue as your primary decorating colors. Use balloons, streamers and some of our gossamer (a wonderful, lightweight fabric that is perfect for swags and chair bows) to decorate your party.

To Paris with Love KitTable Decorations:

For the most realistic touch, rent bistro tables and wrought iron chairs and place them on your patio or throughout the entire yard.

Try to find a large French flag to place at your entryway, and then find smaller, paper flags to hang around the room. You could also use the flag for placemats – simply make a colored photocopy of the flag and affix it to some heavy cardstock.

Place a pair of Parisian lamp posts on either side of your back door leading onto the patio for a quaint touch of France!

Cover your tables with either white linens or white lace to enhance the bistro look! You may want to scatter some brightly colored confetti across the tables for some shine. A single stemmed red rose in a crystal vase is the perfect centerpiece for a Parisian theme, but a full bouquet of fresh spring flowers would be lovely as well.

Add a Parisian touch to your centerpiece with Eiffel Tower confetti. This adorable confetti looks great around a vase filled with fresh flowers.

If you will be hosting your party at dusk, add some candlelight for even more ambiance and romance! The Midnight in Paris centerpiece holds a tea light candle for a soft glow. Eiffel Tower votive candles or candle holders are great options too!


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