Rock the Hop with Fifties Food

Fabulous Fifties EnsembleNothing beats a good hamburger and basket of fries – unless, of course, it is a good hot-dog and a basket of onion rings.  At your Fifties party keeping the meal simple, like a soda shop or diner, can ease the stress in the kitchen and help you enjoy your time rather than fretting by a hot stove all day.

Set up an ice cream shop equipped with all the toppings! Don’t forget malts and shakes in an array of flavors. Serve simple root beer floats in cola glasses for a classic look.

Create a Fifties drive-in and serve popcorn and boxes of movie candy. Set up a concession stand where guests can choose their snacks before a classic Fifties movie.

Make a record cake for a 50’s party celebrating a birthday or other special occasion. Bake a double layer cake in any flavor. Frost the entire cake with chocolate frosting. Drag a fork around the top of the cake several times until the fork lines resemble the grooves of a record in the frosting. In the center of the cake, add a pink circle of frosting and write with a decorator’s tip, “For the record, Abby is 6!” or another Fifties themed slogan.

Serve your party food on Fifties themed tableware ensembles dressed up with Fifties table decorations. Send us your Fifties food or decorating ideas!


  • Thank you for the ideas…..Going to have surprise party for spouse. Contests hula hoops, dance off,big bubble gum blow off…..looking for food ideas. Appetizer will be small hamburgers and hot dogs. shrimp,devil eggs. Not sure the meal…Having Italians. They are used to pasta……any ideas

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