Rock Around the Clock with Fifties Activities

Fifties Stand-InParty the night away like it’s the era of the fabulous Fifties! These activities are sure to keep your guests smiling!

A dance contest is a great way to get all of those greasers and beauty school dropouts into the swing of things!  Don’t forget about “The Twist,” “The Mashed Potato,” and “The Bop” to make sure they rock around the clock tonight!

Pull out the pink bubble gum and have a bubble-blowing contest!

How about a hula hoop contest for some hilarious entertainment?

Play “Name That Tune” using old 50’s songs – extra points are given to the team that can name the title and the artist. Reward the winner with a Rock Around the Clock Cola Glass filled with candy.

Have a car hop relay.  Divide your group into two teams. Give each team a tray with french-fries, a hamburger, a bottle of Coca-Cola, and an ice cream sundae. Each guest must run down to a car window, touch the car, and run back – all without spilling any food.  Once they are back, they hand the tray to the next person and so on. The first team to complete the “car hop” wins!

Set up a drive-in movie theater in your back yard and watch Grease under the stars!

Set up a great photo opportunity with a 1950’s Car Standee or 50’s Photo Stand-In. Don’t forget to personalize the license plate for added memories.

Use a Rock n’ Roll Game for an easy activity. Guests attach records with 50’s celebrities names on them to their backs and ask other guests questions to figure out what name is on their back.

Party favors make great prizes for party games. Let us know what 50’s party activities you come up with!


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  • Another activity I thought of is filling in the voice bubble. At each table setting, place a copy of a 50’s era comic (i.e. Peanuts, Little Lulu, Superman, Archi and Jughead, etc.) with the voice bubbles whited out. This can be a contest to see who can come up with the best caption or just a fun ice-breaker for your guests!

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