Party Favors for Pirate’s Booty

Personalized Pirate Stickers and ButtonsPirate Party Favor Packs include a pirate’s bounty of loot, at prices that will fit any budget. Don’t feel that you need to save all the favors to pass out at the end of the party. Use different components in your decorating and for party activities.

Give each pirate a red bandana to tie around his head. These come in handy when you get hot and sweaty swabbing the poop deck!

The skeleton party favors including squishy skulls and skeleton pens are great for your buccaneers.

Hand out Pirate Goblets to adult guests as they arrive and they can use them for beverages throughout the party, then take them home for a fun keepsake.

Have inexpensive personalized bubbles imprinted with your party slogan…a wonderful touch for any birthday party!

You can also create Personalized Buttons or Stickers for your party. They work great as accessories to other favors or as nametags at parties where everyone won’t know each other.

Glow items and fiber optic wands are a universal favorite of pirates who plunder!

Check out our pirate party activities for more ideas on how to give out favors.

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