Keep Buccaneers Busy with Pirate Activities

Pirate-Photo-SettingYo, Ho! Yo, Ho! A pirate’s life for me! Engage the guests in some swashbuckling fun with these activities:

After all the guests have arrived, get the buccaneers ready to plunder and party. First, they will all want to have their faces painted. Add blood, scars, and some facial hair with easy to use face painting crayons. Next, add eye patches, red bandana headscarves, self-adhesive mustaches, pirate hats and other pirate apparel. Now they can head out for some high jinks on the open sea as they move to the pirate ship.

A magnificent pirate ship is the ultimate pirate party prop. Take the time to have each child pose alone, and with the birthday child for pictures inside the sea faring vessel. Tell the kids a joke to loosen them up first. (Here’s a favorite of ours: Why couldn’t the 11-year-old boy go to the movie? Because it was rated “aaaaargh.”) Ask them to “Say aaaaargh” for the pictures! The priceless photos can then be mailed to each guest with a thank you note at a later date. Plan to give the children plenty of free time for imaginative play.

The kids will have a whale of a time with the Treasure Chest Piñata, and we’ve yet to find a child who doesn’t want to grab some goodies from one at a party! Give the kids a pirate map to follow, having them wind over, under and around a good distance before finding the piñata on the spot marked with an “X.”

A Treasure Chest Craft Kit is appealing to pirates of all ages, and can be filled with plundered goodies once it is complete.

Play a game of “Walk the Plank”, using a 6’ X 1” X 6” board from a lumber store. Set the plank on top of two cinder blocks, and arrange dark blue water gossamer under the plank. Alligators are optional. Have each child take a turn walking the plank. If this isn’t challenging enough for your age group, make them walk backwards or balance a book on top of their head.

“Swab the Poop Deck” can be played as a relay with the group divided into two teams. With broom or mop in hand, each team member will have to swab an inflated balloon through a simple obstacle course and back to the starting line. There, they will tag the next pirate in line, until each member on the team has done his duty.

Visit Treasure Island to search for buried treasure – Blindfold the children one at a time, then let them dig deep into a giant treasure chest filled with a pirate’s bounty of loot.

Listen to squeals of delight when the kids are running peg leg (three-legged) races!

The ship is sinking…so let the cannonballs fly with a water balloon fight.

If the kids race through the activities you have planned, play Tick Tock Find the Crock (hide and seek), Black Beard Says (Simon Says), or Pin the X on the Treasure Map. Reward the buccaneers with some pirate funtoos for their timber shiverin’ effort!

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