Gather Everyone at the Hop with 50’s Invitations

Vinyl 45 InvitationWhether you can remember the days when soda shops and sock hops were the place to be or you just enjoy Happy Days reruns, a 50’s theme party is sure to be a fun party theme for you and your guests.

The first step to hosing a 50’s bash is setting a budget and a guest list. Send out your invitations about 3-4 weeks in advance and expect about a quarter to come back regrets.

After selecting a 50’s theme for your party, choose a slogan or theme to use in your invitations and to tie in decorations and personalized favors for your bash. Find the perfect slogan for your party by trying one of the following or by thinking of one that fits your taste:

• “Let’s Go to the Hop”
• “Sock Hop”
• “Sweet 16 – A Dreamy Teen”
• “Fun in the Fab Fifties”
• “Big Bopper Bash”
• “Shake, Rattle & Roll

For your invitations you can choose one of our personalized invitations or create your own. The Fabulous 50’s Tableware Ensemble contains an invite that you can fill out yourself and match to your tableware.

Have a Sock Hop Invitation or Vinyl 45 Invitation custom printed with your own wording and save the time of filling out the invitations for other party preparations.

To make your own invitations, visit a second hand record store and buy old 45’s. Cover the label with the details of the party and make them clever invitations. If you can’t find the real thing, cut records from black poster board and make your own label.

Try attaching a note to a pair of sunglasses with pink curling ribbon. Tell your guests to wear them to the party along with their saddle shoes, leather jackets and poodle skirts.

Be sure to check out our 50’s decorating TipZ too!


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