Activities for Your Fabulous French Party

Wool BeretSometimes just a small activity or two can really make the party one that is filled with memories to last for a long time. Here are some suggestions for just the right touch of entertainment!

Ask your guests arrive in wool berets and scarves. Have a contest for the best dressed, or most authentically French!

Hire a local artist or two and have them bring their palettes and easels to your party. Not only will this idea enhance your atmosphere, it would also be fun to host a demonstration on different forms of painting. Provide paper for all your guests and let them try to create their own watercolor masterpiece!

Hire a gardener (or just a friend that has a green thumb) and ask them give a flower-arranging lesson. You could request the expert to also provide some basic gardening instructions that will help your spring flowers look as magical as those in the Jardins des Tuilieries!

Set up a runway and have a fashion show of all the latest spring designs!

Play an interesting game of “French Trivia.” Before the party, look up some interesting and unusual facts about France, French people, French cuisine or art. Give a prize to the guest that knows the most about this beautiful country and its heritage!

If your guests are interested in wine, arrange for someone from your local wine shop to come to the party and give a short presentation on French wine. At the end of the presentation, let guests taste the wine.

Give French cooking lesson and teach guests how to prepare a traditional French delicacy. Crepes are a good idea, because they are quick and tasty. Allow guests to sample the food at the end!

Party favors make great prizes for your French activities. Tell us about the Paris-themed party activities you come up with!


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  • Do you have ideas/suggestions for the French Trivia game?
    I would like to play this at my crepe party.

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