Treat Guests Like Stars with Party Favors

Clapboard FrameRather than waiting until your guests are making their exit to give them a party favor, some favors can be given during the party, which will add color and glitz! The following favors will appeal to all your stargazing guests.

Hand out top hats, boas, and other Hollywood party apparel at the door to accent your guest’s red carpet duds.

Give guests frames imprinted with special party details! Try a clapboard frame for a fun and appropriate favor. Use either a Polaroid™ or digital camera to send a picture home with your guests, or mail souvenir photos at a later date.

Use filmstrip photo key tags as napkin holders. Guests can then take them home at the end of the evening.

Serve up some bubbly in elegant Hollywood glassware that your guests will take home and cherish long after the red carpet is worn away. Many glassware pieces can be personalized with your party details. They’re perfect for toasts too!

We carry a Hollywood favor pack for men and women that makes a nice and easy theme-perfect gift for all your visiting stars! You can also fill a clapboard tote bag full of favors you pick out yourself.

Check out our party activity ideas for more ideas of ways to spice up your Hollywood party event!

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