The Award for Best Party Goes to…

Red Carpet Photo OpYour party will be a real winner when you fill it with fun Hollywood themed party activities. The sky’s the limit when it comes to filling your Hollywood party with fun.

One element that is essential to a Hollywood Party is to have a photographer available to take plenty of pictures to capture the magic of the evening. Fancy clothing and a festive atmosphere . . . both deserve to be documented and preserved. Create a photo backdrop, and encourage all the guests to stop by to have a “formal” picture taken. Posing and “glamming it up” is highly encouraged! The photographs can then be used as a party favor, along with a clapboard frame imprinted with your party slogan to commemorate the evening.
For more informal photographs recruit a friend or hire an amateur photographer to come dressed as the “Stalking Paparazzi.” Guests will genuinely feel like celebrities with this camera-toting hound on the loose!

Guests will love taking hilarious pictures with a Red Carpet Photo-op.

This night is perfect for playing a movie-related trivia. If you are having a sit-down dinner, roll a sheet of trivia questions, and tie it with metallic curling ribbon to match your theme colors. Set the little bundles at each place setting. If you are serving food buffet style, put them in a decorative basket or top hat, and let guests play during the party. Provide a list of movies and movie stars, and have guests match as many actors/actresses with the films they starred in, or have them try to match movie titles with the year the movie was released. Another fun “Hollywood” trivia game is to see who can name the most films that have won an Academy Award™ for “Best Picture.” Give a star award trophy to the winners!

Play a Hollywood variation of 20-Questions. As each guest arrives, pin a die-cut star on his or her back. Each star should contain the name of a different Hollywood star (past or present). The goal for each guest is to find out who they are for the evening by asking only “yes” and “no” questions of the other guests. Limit each person to one question per guest. This is a fantastic game to play if all your guests are not well acquainted, as it encourages everyone to mingle!

Honor the guest of honor, and treat out-of-town guests like VIPs by renting a limousine to transport them to and from the party location! If you have the limo rented for several hours, offer “joyrides” to all the guests!

Use Hollywood party favors as prizes in all your activities and let us know what other Hollywood party activities you come up with!

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