Snacks to Get Your Casino Party Rolling

Vegas Nights Party PackAt your casino party be sure to have lots of finger food, arranged on tables scattered throughout the room. That way, your gamblers can snack while they play and socialize and the festivities of the evening won’t be disrupted.

Mini sandwiches, chips, nuts, and pretzels are all good snacks to serve.

Serve snacks on  casino themed tableware and decorate food tables with casino table decorations. Scatter foam dice across your tables.

Make sure you have lots of punch, soda, water, and other beverages on hand throughout the evening.

Just like in Vegas, an all-you-can-eat buffet is a nice break in the evening for all of the diehard gamblers in attendance!

If you plan on setting up a basic bar, plan to have the following on hand for every 10 adult guests:
• 1 case of beer
• 2 liters of seltzer
• 3 liters of soft drinks (diet and regular)
• 2 quarts of fruit juice
• Plenty of chilled bottled mineral water (sparkling and flat)
• 2 bottles of wine – one red, one white
• Hard liquor – a fifth makes aprox. 14 drinks
• Lemon and lime wedges and twists, olives and other garnish
• Lots of ice – plan on 1 lb. per adult guest for the evening.

If you’d rather not serve alcohol, mocktails are a popular, fun alternative. There are tons of mocktail recipes your guests will love to try.

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