Roll Out the Red Carpet with Hollywood Invitations

Hollywood Star InvitationsChoosing a Hollywood theme for a party has become extremely popular! This theme works well for all ages, including kids, adults, milestone birthdays, and teen gatherings. The glitz and glamour of a Hollywood event will make all of your guests feel like a movie star. This year, host your very own Hollywood Premiere, and invite a fun group to enjoy a night of a thousand stars with you!

The first step to hosting your Hollywood party is creating a budget and a guest list. Send out Hollywood invitations at least 3-4 weeks in advance and expect about one quarter to come back as regrets.

Choose a party slogan to use on your Hollywood invitations, banners, and any personalized decorations or favors you pick out. You can come up with your own Hollywood slogan or use one of ours:

• “A Night of Glitter, Glam & Glitz”
• “Hollywood Happening”
• “And the Award Goes To…”
• “Hollywood Nights”
• “Tinsel Town Tribute”
• “Night of a Thousand Stars” or
• “All That Glitters…A Golden Gathering”

Set the mood for your event with invitations that will give your guests a sneak preview of your plans, and ensure that you’ll have an award-winning party!

Hollywood Clapboard Invitation
Hollywood Clapboard Invitation

For Hollywood party supplies, our Hollywood Ensemble contains an invite that is perfect for this Hollywood party theme. You might prefer a great Clapboard Invitation to let guests know they’ll be treated like movie stars from the moment they walk up the red carpet and into your party. There are tons of Hollywood invitations you can have custom printed with your party details. You won’t have to spend all the time filling out each invitation by hand.

If you are sending out traditional paper or imprinted invites, consider sprinkling some clapboard and film roll confetti inside.

In your invitations, encourage guests to dress in gold or silver. Whether they dress from head to toe, or choose only one glittery piece such as a bow tie or some makeup, this fancy dress party is sure to please everyone. As an alternative, ask guests to come dressed as their favorite movie star, past or present. Possibly Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Rita Hayworth, Merrill Streep, Clark Gable, Rock Hudson, John Travolta, Mel Gibson or Danny DeVito. A third option is to ask guests to dress in their own dream awards show outfit.

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  • I am planning my 40th birthday celebration and have chosen the Hollywood theme. The date has been set for December 6th 2008. I am planning ahead. My guest count will not exceed 300. Please provide ideas. Also interested in sending save the date cards for those who need to put a leave request in a year early. Some employers have gotten crazy with this stuff. Don’t want anyone to miss out.

  • Daphne,

    Thanks so much for your post and your interest in ShindigZ. It’s great that you are planning ahead! I would suggest our Hollywood Star or the Hollywood Postcard for the Save the Date invitations. For Decorations the options are limitless. I would start with a color scheme. Black/silver, black/red or gold/black would help limit your choices. I know that sounds odd but Hollywood theme items are in abundance and you need something to start the elimination process with.

    Black/silver are the easiest to come by; however, black/gold are great as well. And with any great event a Theme Banner is a necessity. Add a photo of your guest of honor to the banner to thrill! You can view all of our Hollywood decorations, favors, tableware, and more. These are a great start to the perfect Birthday Gala. We look forward to helping make this memory the best it can be!

    All the best, Jodie Batterton, Customer Service Manager

  • Where can I purchase the invite you feature in this article? I love the Hollywood star!

  • These invitations are so cute where could i get them? They are perfect for what im planning!!

  • I am having a hollywood themed party and am having trouble with wording that guests should arrive before 8pm to walk down the red carpet and have pictures taken. Anyone know how i can simply word this?

  • Bo,

    Thanks so much for your post and your interest in ShindigZ. Before the time line on your invitation you can state: Photos taken on the Red Carpet before eight o’clock
    or Photos taken on the Red Carpet from seven until eight o’clock or Red carpet arrivals photographed until eight o’clock.
    Hope this helps! Please contact us with any questions at 1-800-314-8736 or

    All the best, Jodie Batterton, Customer Service Manager

  • I’ve started saving & planning for my 18th Birthday Party which will take place in january 2009…

    I want it to be a party that no one will forget.
    i have an idea for a venue but want a theme for my party, where by people can dress up etc..
    I thought hollywood..although everything i find is totally off the whole birthday theme.

    for one night i want all eyes on me…

    Any suggestions??

    Thanks Jodi

  • me and my school friends are planning a hollywood themed prom. However we do not have that much money that we can put together. is there any way we can get (buy/make) great decorations/invitations without splashing the cash? thanks

    • yea well i am having a going away party themed hollywood aslwell
      and i have found that there is heaps you can do to make it look pretty with out spending heaps

      you can use your christmas lights…twinkle lights as decoration around the room ( white would look better)
      make your own star shaped cakes
      use plastic champain glasses and magarita glasses

      you could make sparkley stars with the guests names on it to hang around the room ( i am putting them around the eatting table)
      you can look for a band that is just after a gig and not wanting any money or at lest not much money
      burn your own cds
      there is so many good things you can do : you just have to be creative

  • AS a member of the new housing committee its our fist responsibility to plan a christimas party for all the hostel students. the number rages from 1000 to 1500 students, we want our party to be a party to remember. could you kindly help me with suggestions on how to plan a party to remember for such a large group without turning it into a big flop. the gritz and glamour theme sounds cool and goes well with university students

  • having trouble with wording for invitations for my hollywood themed sweet 16 .. any more ideas?

    • Danielle,

      We would be happy to help with your wording. Please provide the basic information of the event via email to

      RSVP information
      Attire Required
      Special activities if any planned

      With this information we can provide you with a couple of different options. Please contact us with any questions at 1-800-314-8736 or

      All the best, Jodie Batterton, Customer Service Manager

  • I am planning a 25th birthday party. i want it to be a red carpet event. It will be in June 2009. Any ideas or suggestions?

  • I am in charge of the formal recruitment for my sorority for the fall 2009 semester. We are wanting to do a hollywood themed recruitment, but I am having problems thinking up a slogan for the fliers and t-shirts. I would like something will get the attention of college freshman that are females, but that still goes with the hollywood theme. Can you help?

  • Im planning my 40th birthday party for next year and my theme is going to be red carpet, if anyone have any good suggestions please let me know . I have a year to plan because i would like for it to be the party of the year.

  • Faith,

    Thanks so much for your post and your interest in ShindigZ. There is a lot you can do with a “Red Carpet” theme!
    Start with film reel or ticket invitations to set the stage and theme for your party – or or . Welcome guests with a waltz down the red carpet using a red aisle runner – . Put some paparazzi and other décor around the room – or or . A Red Carpet stand-in makes for a great photo op – . Hang a personalized banner – . And it wouldn’t be the red carpet without awards – or or or . Give your guests a great favor to take home and remember the star studded event for years to come – or . You can view all of our Hollywood items here – . Best wishes for a wonderful 40th birthday party! Please contact us with any questions at 1-800-314-8736 or

    All the best, Jodie Batterton, Customer Service Manager

  • I’m planning something quite untraditional, but If you knew the guest of honor, be best friend’s pregnant girlfriend, you’d understand why I thought a Hollywood themed baby shower would be approriate for her. It will already be informal and ackward because she insists it be coed, so I’m making the best of it.

    I plan on having baby games such as baby movie trivia (who starred in Look Who’s Talking?), celebrity baby picture matching, etc. I’m looking for any other suggestions to help me pull this off flawlessly. Help?

  • Hi, I’m a full figured model and I want to plan my 25th birthday for Feb. 2010. I want a red carpet affair and incorporate a showcase of modeling of course. I have so mant ideas but don’t know how to put it all together to get an event to remember. Since I was youngI don’t know why but I always put emphasis on my 25th year lol. So far many things has happened for me and I want this birthdat to be the best any ideas? thanks :)

  • i am trying to plan my 25th birthday withthe red carpet affair theme and i need ideas my birhtday is may 28th

  • Hello i would like some ideas to plan my moms 54th Birthday concert to be held at a church i would like red Carpet entrance and a red black and white color scheme. I also would like it to be setup concert style.

  • Hi Jodie.
    I am wanting my 11th birthday party as the Hollywood theme. This is a really cool idea so I am going to do ‘Foil Fashion’. You get into groups of 2 (Or three, if you need) and you provide them with a roll of foil. One person is the sylist and one is the model. The stylist needs to make an AMAZING outfit out of foil (Acessories, Earings, Shoes..etc) But you need to be able to walk in it. You will then walk the red carpet with your stylist. The birthday girl (Or possiblly boy) will announce the winner. What do you think about it? THANKS,!

  • When choosing the style of the custom wedding invitation you want to maintain the kind of wedding which you are getting in thoughts. If you are getting an outdoor wedding or perhaps a themed wedding you might wish to incorporate the same theme into the custom wedding invitation. It draws attention to the style of the wedding and can really help the guests know how you can dress for your special day. Many brides have decided that they should include extra issues within the invitations like photos, poems or other saying that makes the invitation distinctive.

  • Where can I get these invitations! I need some help for my red carpet party too!

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