Luau Party Invitations

Wendy's-Luau-Table-DecorationsA luau party is a fun way to celebrate summer or to bring the warmth of fun with good friends to cold winter days. ShindigZ has all the luau party supplies and tips you need to host a fabulous luau!

The first step to hosting your luau is creating a budget and the guest list. Send out your invitations at least 3-4 weeks in advance and expect around 25% of your RSVPs to be regrets.

Choose a party slogan to add to your invitations, banners and personalized favors. The slogan should tie in to the decorations and set the mood of the party. Try one of our luau themed slogans or create your own:

• “Come and Party at the Hukilau!”
• “Maui Magic”
• “Paradise Found”
• “Lost in Paradise”
• “Island Luau”

Add you slogan to your invitations then send them out! The Luau Floral Tableware Ensemble or Tiki Lounge Ensemble include invitations you can fill out yourself and they’ll coordinate with your tableware at the party. Toss some luau confetti into the envelopes for a fun surprise.

As an alternative, consider attaching a computer designed or hand-written tag to a lei, mini palm tree, votive candle or giant tissue palm tree then hand deliver your invitations. It will add a memorable and personal touch to your invitations.

Message in a bottle invitations are a fun tropical invitation you can send through the mail (extra postage required). Your guests will love the surprise in their mailbox!

In your invitation, encourage your guests to come dressed in tropical style. As the party’s host, dress up and you will be surprised to see how many of your guests will enjoy joining you. Slip into a light and airy sarong and have a few Hula Skirts on hand for your unprepared guests! Decorate them even further with Luau Print Bucket Hats and Hibiscus Print Bandannas.

Check out all of our Luau Party Invitations for plenty of ideas!


  • omg I luv all of these kool ideas my party is gonna be awesome………..thanx shindigz party ideaz and tipz………….Luv you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HiyyaaaDuddeezz!! Just want too say that im planning a luau themed 13th birthday party nd these tips are great.. Cyooh Bye x

  • These are the best tips ever! I told a couple of my friends what im doing for my party and they’re already excited! They haven’t even gotten the invitations yet! (I’m still desining them from these tips) This will be the best party ever!

  • WOW!!!! I can not belive all of the cool stuff you guys have!!!! Since I’m going to have a lulu for my 11th birthday! all of my friends are going to love it and so will I!!!! luv ya bye ! ;)

  • This web site is so cool!!!!
    i cant wait till my b-day……
    its going to rock!!!!

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