Giddy Up and Chow Down Western Food

Mini-Plastic-Cowboy-HatsNothing says a hoe down is near better than the aroma of grilling and barbecue sauce! Barbecue pork ribs, spareribs, chicken or steaks are the perfect chow to satisfy those hungry cowboy appetites.

For kids, cowboys in training, try hot-dogs, baked beans, corn on the cob, and chips. A simple and easy meal will fill their stomachs before they go back to playing on the range.

Another option for adults is big bowls of chili, cornbread and salad. Try adding chili to fun-size bags of Fritos for a taste your guests will love! Plus for clean up all they do is toss the bag away.

For festive snacks, place a small bowl in the inside of an upside down cowboy hat and fill the perimeter with chips. Place hats around the party with several varieties of salsa—tangy, mild, spicy, extra spicy, etc.

Serve trail mix, Golden Nuggets, beef jerky, or popcorn in the same way. You can also line a basket or bowl with a bandanna to achieve another Western look.

Serve drinks in our boot mugs or personalized cactus stem goblets and send them home with your guests when the party is over.

Have a bon fire or fire pit in the back yard (make sure it’s okay with local law enforcement or neighborhood rules first) and toast marshmallows or cook hot dogs and popcorn over the flames for an authentic cowboy meal!

Get creative with your menu, then let us know what you came up with! Remember, we have tons of Western tableware options and table decorations perfect for serving your cowboy menu with.



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