Decorate with the Glamour of Tinsel Town

Humphrey Bogart and Giant Movie PopcornMake your party sparkle with all the stars and glitter of the famous Hollywood Hills! ShindigZ has tons of Hollywood party decorations plus tips to get your party underway.

Outdoor Decorations

Start your decorating outside the front door of your party location. Roll out the red carpet for your guests by using one or two red aisle runners from curbside to the entry doors.

For an exciting party starter, place a lighted Hollywood Marquee at your entrance or in a foyer. You can customize it with a fun party message to set the mood for your event! Plus, it can be reused for future fun.

Put the guest of honor in the limelight with a Hollywood Personalized Banner! It will dazzle your guests as they walk through the sparkling metallic red curtain.

Indoor Decorations

Before you select your decorations, choose a color theme to work with. Generally, working with two colors works best. For an authentic Hollywood theme, choose black and gold, red and black, or black and silver as your theme colors.

Announce your big event with a Hollywood Memories Mural, and then use several to decorate your event room! The 5′ high x 5′ wide mural can be customized with your event information.

Lavishly use the standard razzle-dazzle Hollywood décor: movie clapboards, movie cameras, spotlights, palm trees, director’s chairs, film cans, top hats and canes, and feather boas.

Sprinkle stars in all sizes over everything: entryways, tables, ceilings, walls, and tucked inside invitations. Use star confetti, star garland, die-cut stars, star balloons and our star gossamer (a lightweight fabric that is wonderful for swags and accents).

Hang black & white 8″ x 10″ glossy photographs of Hollywood legends around the room.

There are hundreds of decorations in silver and gold including glittery metallic curtains, inexpensive star-shaped chandeliers, beautiful gossamer material, and shimmering Hollywood balloons! To add some extra flare to your party, purchase several cans of silver and gold spray paint, and cover anything and everything in your theme colors.

Lighted 3-D ClapboardIf your budget allows, Hollywood theme kits are great ways to totally transform your entire room into a Hollywood premier.

Table Decorations

Setting a table with party ware, including the tablecloth, cups, plates, napkins, and cutlery, is the fastest way to create a focal point in a room. Start by setting your table with a Hollywood Ensemble, creating a placesetting at the table for each guest. Accent it with a Hollywood table decorations.

Floating candles look absolutely lovely and elegant on your tables. Color the water with food coloring to match your color theme. Place a glass bowl, or several different sized wineglasses filled with water on a mirror. Add candles and gemstones and enjoy the dreamy look!

Clapboard place cards and plastic popcorn containers filled with snacks make great accents to your table decorations.

Let us know what Hollywood decorating ideas you come up with!


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