Decorate for a Wild Western Party

Big Red Barn Kit Decorate for your Western theme party in cowboy style with these Western-inspired decorating supplies and ideas.

Kick up the fun by welcoming your cowboys to the party by placing our Western Entrance at your doorway for a bright start to the party. Line walkways, the dance floor, or buffet lines with plenty of hay bales. You could even create a hay bale maze! Add saddles, cowboy hats, western cutouts for great Western accents.

If you don’t have a ranch or farm with real animals, then our Big Red Barn is the perfect solution! The bright, realistic barn comes with a wagon wheel, lantern, fence, pitchfork and shovel. Add our horse standee, sheep standee, and 3-D cows to increase the look.

Western EntranceWe offer a variety of Cacti that would really add to the Western atmosphere. Even one or two would make a great backdrop for some great Western keepsake photos.

Hang a Western saloon door curtain over bathroom doors and make signs that read “Cowboys” and “Cowgirls.” Or use them at the entrance to the dining room, kitchen, possibilities are limitless.

Use a helium tank to fill cowhide balloons. Tie curling ribbon to balloons and group them together. Odd numbers look the best: 3, 5, or 7). Place groupings of balloons tied to star shaped balloon weights or mini straw bales around the party site.

Decorate your tables to match the rest of the room with our Western table supplies, including tablecovers, cups, plates, napkins, cutlery and decorations. Try the Old West Ensemble, creating a placesetting at the table for each guest.

Cover your tables with gingham tablecovers for a classic Western look. Create a Western trim for your table with bandannas. Fold each bandanna in half, forming a triangle. Tie the ends of the bandannas together for a neat garland. Our barbed wire garland is a new, cool accent.

Lay a paisley bandanna in the center of your table. Tie helium-filled cow balloons with red, white or blue curling ribbon. Anchor the balloons to the table by tying them to a boot candle or boot mug placed in the center of the bandanna. We also have great Western centerpieces for a coordinated look.

Place a boot mug at each placesetting with a placecard leaning against it. Create a western name for each guest such as “Wild Bill,” “Rodeo Jack,” “Cowpoke Kelly.”

For a down-home touch on your tables, use a paint pen (available at art and craft stores) to draw black cow markings randomly on the handles of our white plastic cutlery. Tie the flatware together with raffia or red grosgrain ribbon and your guests will be so “moo-ved” by your efforts!

Use bandannas as napkins! Tie each up with raffia and pin a Sherrif’s badge on each one.

Use any combination of these decorating ideas or come up with your own and tell us about them! Be sure to check out our Western party favors too!



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