Avoid Party Limbo with Luau Activities

Limbo KitA Luau party would not be complete without some Hawaiian music being played, either by a live band or on your stereo. You will almost feel the warm ocean breeze. If dancing is in your plans, try lots and lots of Beach Boys and Reggae!

The young and the young at heart always enjoy the classic beach game of “limbo.” Check out the Limbo Kit. For a twist on this timeless favorite, try these variations:

• Flashlight limbo – Turn off all the lights and use the beam of the flashlight as your limbo stick.
• Garden-hose limbo – If party guests have their swimsuits on, or if the day is too hot for comfort, try using your garden-hose as the limbo stick.

Purchase or borrow a couple of hula-hoops. Let guests know that at a specified time there will be a “hula” contest and encourage them to practice if the mood strikes. Offer prizes, such as sun block and Chapstick(tm), for endurance and creativity. Have guests truly get in the mood by donning a Hula Skirt and Coconut Bikini Top.

Fill a bowl with key Hawaiian phrases, turn up the tropical music, and let your guests hula their way to winning. You could use “beach” related movies, songs, and TV shows as key phrases. (“Elvis Presley in Blue Hawaii”; “Book ‘em Dano, from Hawaii 5-0″; “Itsy Bitsy Teensy Weensy Yellow Polka Dot Bikini”)

Take turns being a child again and swinging at a Tiki Mask Pinata for fists full of tropical treats!

There are also luau craft kits, such as a making your own leis, fish sun catchers, or flip flop magnets. Kids and adults will love creating crafts and taking them home as favors.

Be sure to stock up on party favors for prizes in your games. Check out luau decorating tips and luau party supplies too! Let us know what luau party activities you come up with.


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