This Golf Party’s a Hole in One

Custom Golf BannerThe lazy days of summer are here, full of many of our favorite activities—like golf! There are party supplies perfect for hosting a father-son golf party, golf birthday party, company golf outing and more!

Start your party off with golf themed invitations. Send your invitations out 4-6 weeks in advance and expect approximately 25% to be regrets. This is especially important during the summer or near holidays as many people will be traveling.

Make your own golf invitations by cutting green construction paper into the shape of a putting green, adding the flag and hole. You can use a sandy colored paper to add a sand strap. Then, write your party slogan and party information on the putting green. Or, design your invitation to look like a golf score card. The front could read “Stephens Country Club” (or whatever the host family’s name is); inside put the party information.

If you’d rather, try party invitations that can be customized with your party information.

Your golf party will look tee-rific with these fun golf themed decorations. Collect old photos of guests golfing and have them enlarged at a local copy store. Mount them on a poster board and place them around the room.

Hang a personalized banner as a focal point to greet your guests and announce the big day. Hang a couple of Golf Ball Mylar Balloons on either side of the banner for a nice finishing touch.

Use some grass mats to create a practice putting green or to create a “green carpet” welcoming guests.

Decorate your food tables to match the sporting theme. Put a golf flag in the middle of each table. If your party is celebrating someone’s birthday, or a specific event, write that number or name on the flag. Surround the base of the flag with some green shred to create a grassy base. Glue placecards to two upside down golf tees for a cool accent.

Use grass mats to cut out putting greens to use as placemats. Shape each one a little different to represent different greens. Cover tables with green plastic tablecovers. Cut white golf ball shapes out of paper and glue them to the tablecovers.

Set your table with a golf ensemble, the perfect finishing touch that coordinates the whole look.

If holding your party at a golf course is not possible, try bringing the fun of the course to your party. Here are a few ideas:

• Encourage guests to wear golf attire. Provide guests with prizes for the most outrageous golf outfit, the shirt with a logo from a golf course the furthest away, etc.
• Create a fun and playful mini golf course inside your party site with nine holes. Divide everyone into teams and keep score. Go down staircases, under chairs, around furniture, etc.
• Fill a clear jar with golf tees. Have guests guess how many tees are in the jar when they arrive at the party. The closest to the correct number wins the tees and a sleeve of golf balls!
Golf Wearables• Get a hole-in-one! Cut a large “green” out of green flat paper. Draw a hole on the green and attach to a wall. Give each guest a white tack or a round, white sticker (the kind used at yard sales). Blindfold the guest, spin around and see who comes closest to getting their “ball” in the hole!
• Purchase several dozen plastic golf balls and have a chipping contest outside! Place a flag 10-15 yards away and see who can hit closest to the pin.

Send your guests home with a party favor they’ll love! Imprint a green stadium cup with your party information! Fill a Golf Party Favor Box with lots of goodies your golfing friends will enjoy on the course. Include a ball marker, imprinted golf ball, golf tees, and divot repair tool. Have one of our glassware styles filled with green wax and specify fun wording for the imprint. Attach a tag that reads, “A Spark for Your Golf Game.” Give the guest of honor, or the guest with the best score a golf cap and tie for a hilarious prize.

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