Party Potter Style!

Deluxe Harry Potter CostumeThe next Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is released on July 11 and the final book, number seven in the series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is coming out on July 21st. With all the excitement about the famous wizard, July is the perfect time to have a Harry Potter themed party. Have friends over for pizza and a movie marathon or for a get together before going to see the new movie. Or, when the book comes out, host a reading party! Have guests dress up as their favorite Hogwarts student or staff member and take turns reading the book aloud.

At ShindigZ, we have tons of Harry Potter decorations, costumes and party favors to help you through a magical Harry Potter party!

The first step to hosting a party is deciding on your guest list and inviting your friends! It’s best to send out invitations at least three to four weeks in advance, especially during the summer as many of your guests could have vacations planned. Count on around 25% of your invitations coming back as regrets. Harry Potter Tableware Kits include cool printed invitations for you to send out. You could also use Star Lite personalized invitations for a custom printed, magical look.

You probably can’t have invitations delivered by Owl, but you can add a magical touch by tying them to a pair of Harry Potter glasses and hand delivering them or by tossing a handful of stars and swirls confetti into the envelope for a fun surprise.

Welcome guests to your party with a personalized vinyl banner printed with your special birthday message or party details. If your party is a night, line your walkway with star luminaries for a magical glow.

As your guests arrive, set the mood with a fog machine, creating an eerie impression at the door. A fiery pot and table torch or Harry Potter lanterns are great for giving corridors and party tables the look of a castle banquet. As each guest enters, have them put on a fabric sorting hat to determine which table they sit at. Kids will love playing in a 3-D Castle too.

For meal or snack time, turn your tables into the Hogwarts dinning hall by hanging a Hogwarts wall banner above each one and accenting them with lanterns or torches. Cover your tables with plastic tablecovers and scatter star and swirl confetti over them. There’s matching tableware themed around Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire or Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, including all the plates, cups, cutlery, napkins, balloons, and decorations you need for sensational party tables. You can also choose plastic tableware in your favorite colors.

Keep your guests entertained with fun party games. Try a wizard’s hat piñata. Kids will love bursting out the candy filler. (Don’t forget piñata accessories!) With banner paint draw Harry Potter’s face on banner or sheet of flat paper and using lightning bolt wall decals play “pin the scar on Harry.”

You can also create your own Hogwarts classes. Here’s some ideas:
*Defense Against the Dark Arts Class: Insert small pieces of wrapped candy into balloons before inflating them. Encourage the kids to stomp out the dark side, including Voldemort and the Bogarts by popping the balloons. For a fun twist on the game, for “round two”, don’t allow them to use their feet! The prize? The candy they uncover!
*Potions Class: Fill and label several jars with a variety of gross things and lead the kids in mixing the most disgusting potions imaginable. For example, provide ginger (mandrake root), poppy seeds (eyes of bats), dream fluid (purple punch), smoked oysters or sardines (hippogriff gizzards), spaghetti in red sauce (bloodworms), cocktail onions (blind cats eyes), and water mixed with soil (hollow stump water). The kids will enjoy just mixing the items, deciding what they can be used for, and being grossed out. Set our Mist Maker in the center of the table to create the perfect potions class setting.
*Muggle Quidditch: Set up an obstacle course, and have the kids run the course with their brooms. Add hula-hoops and other obstacles that they must navigate…all while balancing a ping-pong ball (golden snitch) on a spoon. As an alternative, just give the kids brooms, a ball, two goals and lots of room to run and play! Use a soft ball for the bludger, so that no one gets hurt.
*Spells Class: For some truly magical pictures, use fishing line or monofilament wire to hang some objects above the kids…keys, golden snitches or some type of food. Let them pose for pictures with wands poised to create the illusion that they have levitated the object.
*Divinations Class: Send the kids on a hunt to discern where all the hidden socks are for Dobby so Malfoy won’t be angry. They could also guess the flavors of Bertie Bott’s Beans.
*Have your young wizard brainstorm with you to create classes for Care of Magical Creatures and Transfigurations.
Play a Harry Potter™ trivia game by visiting to find questions and answers.

Encourage your guests to dress in costume for the party! Check out Harry Potter costumes, quidditch robes and accessories, brooms, wands, and Harry Potter glasses. Your guests can also make their own costumes out of black fabric and one of Dad’s ties.

Finally, award prizes to game winners and sent all your guests home with fun favors. Check out complete party favor packs, or give away cool individual items like lightning bolt temporary tattoos, wands, and glasses.

Everyone will be talking about Harry Potter and You-know-who this summer and with a fun Harry Potter party, you can join in the fun and really give them something to talk about!

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