Bet to Win on a Casino Theme Party

Casino Night Party Sign
With the release of summer movie Ocean’s 13 and the popularity of the World Series of Poker, a Casino Night Party is a great idea for getting friends, family, or neighbors together. At ShindigZ we’ve got all the party supplies and Party TipZ to help you throw a Vegas-style Casino Night!

The first step to planning any party is setting a budget and guest list, and sending out invitations. It’s best to send out invitations at least three to four weeks in advance, especially during the summer as many of your guests could have vacations planned. Count on around 25% of your invitations coming back as regrets. Adding a few personalized poker chips to your invitation envelopes is a great way to spice up conventional invitations. A Vegas Nights Party Pack contains an invite that will have your guests bringing along all their chips for this night of betting fun!

Decorate the outside of your casino with a High Stakes Casino Sign. It will create a glow throughout the evening welcome all your guests! For a more personal welcome try a personalized vinyl banner with your own wording. Transform the inside of your party space using our casino theme decorations including giant dice, decorative slot machines and casino entrance arches like a roulette wheel arch. A lighted dice column makes a great accent to your casino room.

Vegas Strip Mural

For other decorating accents try these ideas:
• Welcome guests to your high-stakes party with Casino Card Decorations!
• You want money, lots and lots of money! Dollar Sign Decorations are great for high rollers!
• Announce your event and then have a clever decoration with the Vegas Escape Memories Mural. It can be customized with your event information.
• Hire some helpers to help run the games and have them dress in black pants and white shirts. Provide them with inexpensive Dealer’s Visor and Vests – it will give your party a really authentic Casino atmosphere!
• Plaster your walls with Giant Playing Cards and Card Suit Cutouts for an inexpensive but clever decoration.
• There are also some Dice and Card Mylar Balloons that could be filled with Helium and tied in bunches around the room.
• Label your game tables with Casino Sign Cut-outs so guests can easily find the games they want to play.
• For a glowing touch inside string Casino Electric Lights along the edges of tables or around the boarder of the room.
Poker Night Arch
Don’t forget to decorate your party tables too. There are tableware ensembles with all the plate, cups and napkins you need to serve your guest gamblers with style. The Suit Yourself Ensemble has all the glitz of the Las Vegas Strip! Scatter blackjack confetti across the tables and place a High Roller Centerpiece or foam dice on top for a finishing touch.

Now that your casino party is decorated, it’s time for the games to begin! Upon your guest’s arrival, give them a large supply of chips or play money. At a designated quitting time, you have two options for prize distribution. Award prizes to those with the most chips at the end of the evening, but also consider some other prize categories for the unlucky or unskilled! Encourage everyone to give all the games of chance a try…roulette, craps, and blackjack. Set up a couple of corner tables for friendly games of poker, bridge, and euchre. Add other fun games of chance like Crazy Eights, Checkers, Backgammon, UNO or Bingo! Try card shufflers and casino game sets to get your casino going. Use flashing dice to brighten up the craps game!

A casino party calls for prizes or favors. Instead of handing out traditional favors, have your guests win various prizes throughout the night. Prizes can be small but fun. As gamblers cash out, let them keep some personalized poker chips or a deck of cards. Flashing dice, cell phone charms, personalized float mugs, and blinking dice necklaces all make great prizes. Give the winner of the poker table a poker champion wristband.

Now you just need to find someone to clean up!

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