ShindigZ How-to’s for a Summer Fiesta Party

Fiesta Table DecorationsWith Memorial Day come and gone, the summer party season has officially started! Summer is a great time to host a festive fiesta party! Whether you host a fiesta in your home, in the yard, around the pool or in a big venue, ShindigZ has all the tips for decorations, favors, and activities you need to make it a real summertime blowout!

The first step in throwing your fiesta is invitations. It’s a good idea to send invitations out three to four weeks in advance of your party and expect about 25% of your invitations coming back as regrets. Try tossing a bit of fiesta confetti into the envelopes to surprise your guests!

For creative invites try attaching a fiesta invitation to a dried chili with curling ribbon. Or, tie the invitation to a sombrero or chili pepper necklace and encourage your guests to wear them to the party. These invitations will have to be hand delivered.

Southwestern DecorationsGreet your guests first thing with a custom vinyl banner personalized with your own wording. For a big entrance, line your doorway with a Fiesta Entrance decoration. Completely transform your party space with theme kits including southwestern decorations or room setter boarder rolls.

Check out these other decorating TipZ:
• Hang some Fiesta Lights outside your party site for a bright, festive look. The lights alternate between boots and cacti.
• Add bunches of Fiesta Mylar Balloons to let guests know that the fiesta is here!
• Create a sizzling start with an Inflatable Chili Pepper & Cactus.
• Set up an Amigos Photo Op. It creates a unique decoration and serves as a amusing activity for guests to take funny pictures together!
• Don’t forget to decorate with balloons! Fiesta Balloons are exactly the right colors to make your guests feel like they are in Mexico.
• To transform your party room in an instant, braid Gossamer together in the Mexican flag colors of red, green and white. Swag this “flag” from walls and ceilings. Use 19″ lengths of gossamer and gather them to approximately 2″ wide. Braid the lengths of gossamer using the standard braiding method. Staple the braid at each end to keep the gossamer strands in place.
• Start with Fiesta Tableware to set a festive table and add some of our other Table Decorations for a look that can’t be ignored!
• Use real cactus plants for your centerpieces or try a Fiesta Party Centerpiece.Amigos Photo Op Standee

Once you’ve got your party decorated, you’ll want to have some activities set up for your guests too. You could hire a Mariachi Band to keep music and entertainment going throughout the party. Also, you could set up a table and teach guests how to make a piñata, or just hang one and see who can be the first to break it. (Don’t forget the candy filler!) For a simple party craft, have guests decorate sombreros with gossamer streamers and tissue flowers. You can even have a contest for most creative, prettiest, or most authentic!

Send your guests home with party favors to remember your fiesta! A personalized cactus stem goblet, margarita glasses or cowboy boot mugs are great favors for an adult party. Kids and adults alike will think chili pepper bracelets and blinking chili pins are fun!

Fiesta parties also make great pool or lake house opening parties, so you might want to check out pool party supplies too!

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