Parade Candy

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Flag Mints

$3.45 pkg/50
12 Colors

Blue Buttermints

$4.61 PKG/50
12 Colors

Silver Buttermints

$4.61 pkg/50

Tootsie Roll Midgees

$6.92 pkg/360

Strawberry Frooties

$9.44 pkg/360

Blue Raspberry Frooties

$9.44 pkg/360

Green Apple Frooties

$9.44 pkg/360

Watermelon Frooties

$9.44 pkg/360

Wonka Fun Dip Candy

$0.57 $9.23

Charms Blow Pops

$20.99 pkg/100

Tootsie Pops

$16.16 box/100

Cotton Candy

$15.00 set/8

Candy Buttons

$46.19 pkg/24

Candy Necklace

$0.45 EACH

Shark Gummy Candy

$8.07 pkg/38

Gummi Pizza Candy

$4.19 $16.79

SpongeBob Gummy Krabby Patties Candy

$27.71 CASE/12

SpongeBob Colored Gummy Krabby Patties

$28.86 case/12

It's a Boy Gum Cigars

$12.59 pkg/36

It's a Girl Gum Cigars

$12.59 box/36

Sock Hop White Rainbow Swirl Lollipops

$13.64 Pkg/12

Feathered Mask White Swirls Lollipop

$13.64 Pkg/12

Flashback to the 70's White Swirl Lollipops

$13.64 Pkg/12

Red Gingham White Swirl Lollipops

$13.64 Pkg/12

Bandana Print White Swirl Lollipops

$13.64 Pkg/12

Dreamy Princess White Swirl Lollipops

$13.64 Pkg/12

Create-A White Swirl Lollipops

$13.64 Pkg/12

Silver Stripe White Swirl Lollipops

$13.64 Pkg/12

Harlequin Mask & Bling White Swirl Lollipops

$13.64 Pkg/12

Bandana Print Rainbow Swirl Lollipops

$11.99 pkg/12

Red Gingham Rainbow Swirl Lollipop

$11.99 pkg/12

Flashback to the 70's Rainbow Swirl Lollipops

$11.99 pkg/12

Dreamy Princess Rainbow Swirl Lollipops

$11.99 pkg/12

Sock Hop Rainbow Swirl Lollipops

$11.99 pkg/12

Feathered Mask Rainbow Swirls Lollipop

$11.99 pkg/12

Harlequin Mask & Bling Rainbow Swirl Lollipops

$11.99 pkg/12

Parade Candy

If you’re walking in a parade, you'll be needing candy to toss to the crowd…get it here!