Homecoming Royalty

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Princess Lucy Tiara

$38.10 each

Ella Gold Tiara

$41.99 each
9 Colors

Gold Satin Homecoming Court Sash

$9.99 each
9 Colors

Gold Satin Homecoming Queen Sash

$9.99 each
9 Colors

Gold Satin Homecoming King Sash

$9.99 each

Sequin Trimmed Custom Black Sash

$49.65 EACH

Black Bling Sash

$40.41 EACH

Blue & Silver Graceful Splendor Combo

$48.50 each

Black & Silver Magical Moments Combo

$54.27 each

Black & Silver Round Velvet Scepter

$34.64 EACH

Red & Silver Round Velvet Scepter

$34.64 each

Monarch Scepter

$26.55 each
9 Colors

Black Satin Prom Court Sash

$7.99 each

Primrose Tiara

$18.47 each
Princess Rose Tiara
13.38% off

Princess Rose Tiara

$23.99 $20.78 EACH

Roaring 20's Tiara

$16.16 each

Splendid Grace Tiara

$38.10 each

Splendid Night Tiara

$23.09 each

Radiance Tiara

$23.09 each

Stardust Tiara

$36.95 each

Regal Elegance Tiara

$12.69 each

Sweet Dreams Tiara

$18.47 each

Radiant Heart Tiara

$34.64 each

Riviera Comb Tiara

$17.31 each

Reminisce Tiara

$23.09 each

Ruth Tiara

$38.10 each

Savannah Tiara

$51.96 each

Wendy Tiara

$23.09 each

Makenna Tiara

$16.16 each

Majestic Tiara

$38.10 each

Mila Tiara

$36.74 each

Princess Mya Tiara

$15.00 each

Olivia Tiara

$25.40 each

Paige Pearl Tiara

$18.47 each

Peyton Tiara

$38.10 each

Homecoming Royalty

Make your homecoming king, queen and court feel special with coronation supplies from Shindigz! Homecoming crowns, tiaras, and sashes are just a few of the royalty items we have to set yourself up for success. Our custom sashes are one of our best-selling items, and when you see how simple it is to personalize your own sash, you'll know why!