Personalized beer mugs, personalized wine glasses and personalized mugs are the party favors everyone wants! Add a message! Add a monogram. Add a logo! The possibilities are endless.

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Clear Twist Stem Flute

$5.76 each

Clear Twist Stem Flute Gel Candle

$7.50 each

Silver Plastic Champagne Glasses


Gold Plastic Champagne Glasses


Black Plastic Champagne Glasses


Skull Glass

$2.99 each


Fill a large personalized snifter with colored water and a flower and use it as a place setting for each guest at a formal. Stuff a colorful bandana into a customized canning jar mug and fill the glass with old-time candy sticks for a Western party theme. About the only limits on working personalized glassware into your party theme are your imagination. The options for custom glassware are almost as limitless these days, with more than two dozen selections in mugs alone.