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> > How long does it take to assemble decorating kits?

How long does it take to assemble decorating kits?

Shindigz wants to make every aspect of your party or event fabulous and fun. Since we can't ship you the finished products, we want to share with you our over 85 years of experience in product assembly. Make assembly fun and cut your time in half by recruiting your family and friends.

We have created a simple color coded system to make your party or event planning even easier after you've chosen an event kit. The color coded guide ranks each product from Piece of Cake to Masterpiece depending on the time involved for assembly. So, grab your kids, husband, best friend, or cosponsor for the pre-party festivities. Don't forget the drinks and snacks! You'll be glad to hear that over 70% of our items are easy and simple to build.

Piece of Cake - 1 person < 30 Minutes
Minimal - 2 people < 1 hour
Moderate - 2 people < 2 hours
Detailed - 2-3 people < 3 hours
Masterpiece - 4-5 people > 3 hours

Each item will come to you with an instruction sheet listing all the materials included with your prop, along with any materials you may need to supply. The illustrated instruction sheets will walk you through each step from start to finish. You and your pre-party friends will be doing things like: taping, inflating balloons, rolling corrugated paper or folding cardboard depending on the item youve purchased.

If you have questions about assembly, never worry Shindigz is here to help. Just give us a call at 1-800-314-8251.

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